Frequent Asked Questions

How old are the trailers? These Triple E Surfside camper trailers are over 40 years old and it’s expected they will have some quirks.

Where can I find the rental documents such as Waiver, Terms and Conditions, Towing, Safety and Liability and Rental Booking Form? They can be found under the Resource page and we strongly recommend you read them thoroughly and review the videos before booking.  Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

Am I required to sign a liability release waiver?   Yes. We will not rent campers or gear without you, the renter, willing to accept risk.   The wilderness and is an unpredictable place, and even if you rent bear spray, that does not guarantee you will not get eaten by a bear.

Do I need to provide an itinerary?  Yes.  We ask for this information on the rental booking form.  Should your itinerary change you must contact us via email ASAP and provide the changes.  Clients are responsible for keeping the trailer at it’s original location for delivery and pick-up service unless otherwise pre-arranged.

What is Rental Etiquette? Arriving on time for pick up / return, bringing back the camper in the same condition it was rented in and notifying us of any issues or low supplies as they arise so that we may insure the camper is ready for the next renter.

If the camper is rented do you have a wait list? Yes.  We will maintain a waiting list and will let you know if a camper becomes available.  Simply email us and provide your full contact information, the camper of your choice and the dates you wish to rent the camper for.  We will contact you via email.

Are these little campers easy to tow? Absolutely! These little fiberglass vintage travel trailers were originally designed with this in mind.  They are easily towable with a small SUV or large passenger vehicle. Your vehicle will need to be equipped with a Class 1 (minimum) hitch receiver with a 2 inch ball and a 7 flat pin electrical plug.  The fiberglass camper is 1200 lbs dry weight and loaded weighs approximately 1400 – 1600 lbs.  The ball weight is 90 lbs.  We recommend you check your vehicle’s manual for tow ratings and contact the manufacturer.  The hitch height is approximately 16” you will need a drop hitch if your hitch is too high. The easiest place to get a hitch installed is U-Haul or other hitch stores.

What if I’m running late to pick up my rental? Due to the next series of renters waiting to pick-up or drop off their rental, it’s important that the pick-up times are strictly adhered to. There is a $50.00 charge for every half hour you are late to your scheduled pick-up or drop off.  Please to arrive on time and make allowances for traffic, construction etc.

What do I need to rent a camper? Drivers must be at least 25 years of age and it is preferable to have towing experience.  Drivers must have a valid driver’s license at time of rental and maintain a clean driving record. Drivers must have proof of personal private vehicle insurance at time of rental. Drivers must provide documentation of current address such as a current utility bill.  Renters will need a valid credit card for the security deposit. Failure to produce any of the above means we are unable to rent you the camper. Drivers must be observant and adhere to all local, provincial and federal traffic and safety regulations. It is expected that the camper will be towed in a safe and respectful manner.  Little Vintage Adventures reserves the right to refuse any applicant.

How do I submit the documentation?  The easiest way is to either email them.  You are welcome to send it by postal mail or drop it in the mailbox.  Originals are required on pick up.

If I reserve a camper based on the availability calendar or camping gear does that mean I am guaranteed my reservation? No.  Reservations will typically be confirmed by email within 72 hours.  Although we go to great lengths to provide requested campers and items without substitution we reserve the right to substitute another camper or gear as there are unforeseen circumstances. If equipment is broken and not repairable or replaceable within time of the next rental time we may have to provide an alternative rental item of equal or greater value.

How will I know how to hook up and set everything up? Towing experience is preferred. We strongly recommend you review the Hook Up and Back Up videos and other information posted on our Resource page.   With a little practice and patience and using a “spotter” it is possible to become comfortable with the basics.  We conduct a thorough orientation with you prior to your trip.  Please allow a minimum of 45 minutes to receive orientation and hook up the trailer to your vehicle. We provide a Reference Binder in the camper so you can review anything you missed in the orientation.

Can I take the camper into the USA? Yes, with the proper paperwork and preparation.  See full instructions (under construction at this time) on the Resource Page.

How much does it cost? Our trailers rent for $ 125.00 per night with a three night minimum or $550.00 for a week.  A $150.00 deposit is required at the time of reservation to secure your preferred dates.  $250.00 and will be held as a damage deposit. The damage deposit will be returned when the camper travel trailer is verified to be returned clean and damage free.  There are no other costs, but renters may wish to add on our Express Getaway Package which means for $75.00 you can leave the cleaning to us as you make a clean getaway.  All costs are plus PST.

How many people can the campers sleep?  These travel trailers were designed with families in mind and can sleep 2 adults and 2 children.  The front bench turns into bunk beds with the top bunk rated for max 90 lbs.  The dinette converts into a double bed.

Can I extend my camper rental?  That depends on other rentals.  If the camper is available Little Vintage Adventures must be notified and agree to any extension in writing of the Rental Period beyond that stated on the rental agreement in advance of the return date and time.  We don’t want to report the camper as stolen.  Extensions to the agreed Rental Period must be paid for by and cleared by the date of extension.

What methods of payment do you take?  At this time we accept e-transfer to info@littlevintageadventures.ca  cash, money order and personal cheques to secure your booking.   Personal cheques must clear the bank before the camper will be released and all forms of payment must be received at time booking.  A $50 fee will be charged for each returned cheque.

What is your Refund Policy?  Little Vintage Adventures will not give refunds for any reason.

What is your Cancellation Policy?  We have a strict cancellation policy.  Cancellations must be given in writing as per the time frames below.  The following amounts will be due in the event of a cancellation:

  • 75 % refund if cancelled 30 days before the rental date
  • 50% refund if cancelled 14 days before the rental date

Why is there a Security Deposit? Security deposit is for recourse in case of late returns, damaged / dirty campers, loss or damage to camping gear and insurance excess in case of an accident. The security deposit will be authorized on your credit card and held until the camper is returned in good condition at which time it will be cancelled at the end of the rental period.  Should we need to use any of the money, you will be advised of this in advance and it we will process the required amount on your credit card.  Only credit cards will be accepted for security deposits.  Little Vintage Adventures will hold a credit card on file and may use that credit card for the trailer. The amount of the security deposit will be determined by the amount of damage and/or repairs that need to be made to the trailer after your rental is complete.  This list is not all-inclusive and charges may be in any amount depending on the charges that need to be made.  The Security Deposit is payable for each accident / damage and not per rental.  If you report an accident to us, another Security Deposit will need to be pre-authorized, otherwise you cannot continue with the rental.  Renter is liable for all parking tickets and traffic violations.

Can I camp anywhere?  You must have a legal place to stay such as a campground or private property.   The renter is responsible for booking and paying for campsites, and must show proof of reservation.  The renter is also responsible for any legal ramifications should the renter fail to comply with this requirement.

How do you back up properly? We recommend you review the Back Up videos and other information posted on our Resource page.   Backing up a small trailer can be difficult, but it does get easier with experience. The best practice is to NEVER put yourself in a situation where you have to back it up such as drive thru’s. This means parking farther out in parking lots, taking up tow spaces, and finding the “sweet spot” in every situation such as having a pull through camp site. If you do find yourself in a backing up situation, simply remember that right is now left and left is now right (opposite or normal backing up). Also be sure to use your mirrors and if possible have someone get out of the tow vehicle and assist you. Always take it extremely slow and never take chances. People are usually willing to help you out in a sticky situation.

What’s included? The vintage trailer comes fully stocked with the camping essentials, from propane to bedding and roasting sticks. We have tried to design the Little Vintage Adventures campers as a hook-up and go experience, but there will probably be a few personal items you want to bring such as your favourite frying pan.   Review our inventory and camping equipment and personal lists on the Resource page.

Do I have to clean the camper before returning it? Yes, if you want all your damage deposit back unless you use our Clean Get-A-Way package.  Please return our vintage campers clean and in a similar state to which you received it otherwise cleaning fees will be applied.  Kindly use approved and provided cleaners.  To clean the outside we advise you to pull into an approved “do it yourself” drive through washing bay. (see list under resources)  This is a cheap and easy way to clean the trailers without damaging them.

Where will I pick up the camper and camping gear? Currently we have one pick up and drop off location at 601 Hethrington Avenue, Winnipeg MB at your scheduled appointment time.

What happens if something breaks or I lose something I rent? You are responsible for full replacement value of the item at current Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price unless it can be determined to be a manufacturing defect. See Rental Policies.  Charges may also apply for excessive wear and tear.  This list is not all inclusive.

What about bringing bicycles? Absolutely, and there are several ways to make this happen.  You can fit one bicycle in the camper if the front tire comes off and it is properly covered and the forks are secured so as to not damage the camper.  Or you can transport it in your vehicle if there is space.  For the future we are looking into the ability for you can rent our two cycle bike rack extender which would fit between the tow vehicle and the camper.

Does camping gear require a reservation?   Yes, it is on a first come first served basis.   The same cancellation policies apply to the campers as the equipment. Standard camping items can be supplied with a fee for usually $25.00 to $75.00 per item per trip. Some examples of gear we have available are: quick set up screened room, table top BBQ, portable commode, camp stove, plug-in coolers, fold up camp chairs, outdoor carpet, etc.

What about delivery and set up? At this time we can deliver the trailer to your destination and set it up no problem for an additional fee. This fee is generally $250.00 for delivery and $250.00 pick up. If the location is outside of our local area (over 100 km) we charge extra for the millage, all can be discussed. Email us for specific drop off and pickup inquiry.  Little Vintage Adventures reserves the right to deny any delivery destination request or choose to accept based on available resources.

Is there a bathroom, toilet or shower? Our trailers don’t have a bathroom. They are generally used for short camping trips and most campgrounds have clean bathrooms with showers for use. We do have portable commodes. They must be thoroughly cleaned after use or you will lose your deposit.

What about insurance? We advise that you contact your insurance company and purchase $5,000,000.00 third party liability insurance for the time you are towing the travel trailers for a small fee especially if you are going into the USA.  You will be pulling a small single axle travel trailer under 2000 lbs prior to renting.

What happens if I damage the camper or am involved in an accident? Our first priority would be for your safety. If there is an accident report it to the authorities (police) and they will guide you in any procedures. Then contact your insurance company and emergency number for Little Vintage Adventures found in the camper binder.  We understand that genuine minor bumps and scrapes can happen and do not want you to spend your holiday worrying about telling us! We ask that you contact us straight away, as this will not only allow you to continue your adventure at ease, but will also allow us to prepare for any repair to the campers on your return. Depending on the situation we may be able to help you with towing or repair, please refer to the Liability and Rental Agreement on the Resource page. Renter must report any camper defects, accidents, traffic violations, or damage to the vehicles. The renter must maintain equipment and report any damages, necessary repairs, or malfunctions.  Little Vintage Adventures is not liable nor responsible for any injury or malfunction of our travel trailers or rental equipment that is associated with the reservation that may cause harm to renters.

Are personal belongings covered by the insurance?  No, the insurance provided with the travel trailer does not cover your personal possessions. We recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover this, as you would for any other vacation.

Can I bring my pet? Yes. We have camper cushions dedicated for this purpose and can be put into the camper. However you must be sure to cover all cushions with plastic and your own blanket.  You will be responsible for any and all damages including excessive odour.  Please do not leave pet unattended in the trailer.  Additional cleaning fees may apply.

What is the maximum height clearance on the trailers? The minimum clearance we allow for the trailers is 9.5’. The trailers height is about 8.5’ but you never know when someone forgets to close the roof vent. Always be careful. The trailers can sit quite higher than you vehicle, it’s always best to avoid anything that’s close to hitting the roof, this includes tree branches!

If I run out of propane, what should I do? We make sure that we provide you with propane before every rental, but it can run out.  Just fill up the tank at the many of service stations on the open road. If our propane tanks have custom paint jobs please do not exchange them.

What about awnings?  If the camper comes fitted with an awnings, it will be locked and needs to be pre- ordered if you plan to use it as there is an additional charge.  Clients who use awnings are fully responsible for any and all damage that may occur during their rental.   All charges for awning damage and/or usage will be billed to the credit card on file with Little Vintage Adventures after your rental is complete and the trailer has been inspected by staff.

Can I smoke in the camper? No.  All vintage travel trailers are non-smoking.  No exceptions.  A minimum fee of $200.00 to clean and deodorize will apply for any evidence of smoking in the trailer.

How long will the battery last? Not all campers have a battery. If it does and you are dry camping this means disconnected from the grid / electrical then you are using the battery for your power. If you’re plugged into AC at the campsite there will be no problems. The camper has solar power that charges a single trickle charge marine battery. It will hold a charge and can power most things for your entire trip like lights, fans and phone chargers. Electronics that take more power will drain the battery FAST this includes stereos, IPADs, laptops, and the like, please be careful of not draining the battery and use power sparingly when dry camping. If you drain the battery it is your responsibility to recharge it for the remainder of your trip.

Do you rent bear spray, if so, what does it cost?   No.  Not at this time.

Are the trailers hard to clean? The trailers are easy to clean but also get dirty quickly. It’s important to always keep it clean and organized inside as you go along or you will find yourself with a mess quick. With some good packing skills and organization keeping it clean is easy. Sweep the floors daily, wipe down the counters and food area, dust off pillows and cushions, and folding clothes is a must. Any comforters / linens provided must also be washed upon return.  Please do not wash the bench cushions or attempt to clean.  However, kindly point out any issues so we may clean them for the next renter.

Can I travel in the vintage camper while it is moving? No.  No exceptions.

Is it possible to rent a gas generator?  Sorry not at this time.  We are looking into this as a future possibility.  You will only need to use the generator if you are “dry camping” and are not hooked up to electricity.

What does leaving no trace mean? Our community respects the environment. We are committed to leaving no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather. We clean up after ourselves and endeavor, whenever possible, to leave such places in a better state than when we found them.

Is there anything on the road I should know when pulling the trailers? There are many road precautions in pulling any trailer, but most are common sense:

  • It is advantageous to have previous towing experience but not necessary.
  • Always check that your tail lights are working properly, your hitch is secured, roof vent and windows are closed and chains are correctly placed. Do a walk around before driving.
  • Take it slow and easy and follow the street signs. You are responsible for all violations.
  • Speeding will have a negative influence on the fuel consumption which is already more than average when towing a camper.
  • Take wider turns, remember you’re pulling a trailer and watch out for posts especially at gas stations. Drive thru’s are not recommended.
  • Give yourself extra room for breaking! We can’t stress this enough. The trailers are LIGHT which means you can forget that they are there back there.
  • Take it easy on big hills, especially with smaller vehicles. In some cases you may need to downshift and use a little more gas and always watch your fuel and temperature gage and oil use.
  • Avoid big bumps, the trailers really bounce around and you don’t want things flying all over the place. It is advised to pack most things like liquids and heavy items in your vehicle.
  • Avoid parking where you have to back up if possible.  Book “pull thru” camping sites when available.
  • Never take on the camper off-roading or for any significant distance on gravel roads.  When transporting our trailers they must be on paved roads until you reach your destination.

Disclaimer:  Little Vintage Adventures reserves the right to change prices, Terms & Conditions, and delivery areas without notice.  Little Vintage Adventures reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and will not be responsible for accidents or injury to its renters.

Attorneys’ Fees: In the event arbitration or litigation is necessary to enforce any of the provisions of this Agreement, the prevailing party therein shall be entitled to all costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred in connection therewith.

Please be safe and have fun! Any other questions? Please contact us via email!