Vintage Camper Travel Trailer Booking Calendar for “Emerald” inspired by the grass beneath our feet.  Whether you plan to entertain indoors or out, these retro campers have everything you need to make your next event or camping trip one you won’t soon forget.  We believe our vintage campers can add a little something to any occasion such as a 70’s style garden party, backdrops for business promotions, incentive prize for employees or an exciting gift for a special someone.

These light fiberglass campers are known for their classic, vintage style and timeless, cozy interiors. All campers have been updated and restored to their original beauty.  There are few better ways to see the world.

The above photo is a representation of our actual Triple E Surfside Travel Trailer.  Emerald is used for our personal use and is rented under special circumstances and is scheduled for exterior painting in fall 2019.

Upcoming renovations: Custom professional upholstered cushions by Janette Weber. For a quote contact her at seamster@mymts.net. Emerald is slated for Specialized high end exterior painting in 2020.